Chronicles of the Before Times…

Much of the story has been passed mouth to ear to mouth and we don’t have all the details. Just Fragments.

In fall of 1987, Mr. Lobo began writing a science-fiction serial called NUKE NOVA: ADVENTURES IN THE RUST AGE for a film-making class. By the scenes were shot on VHS tape on sets built by Mr. Lobo but it was not finished before the end of the school year. The sets were destroyed by other students and defaced with sports slogans and other graffiti.

This broad genre homage/parody of post atomic science fiction was illustrated and published as a black and white comic zine from 1989-1991 and did good business in local shops. In 1992 It was put out as a full color comic distributed nationally to comic book stores. The expense of going to full color and a bad business manager caused the comic to fold. Mr. Lobo reworked the story again and wrote a feature length screenplay. It was briefly considered for a Fox show in the wake of the 90’s animation boom–but ultimately it seemed too soon to look back at the post-apocalypse genre of the 70’s and 80’s.

In 2010, Lobo and his wife put out a cult movie culture print magazine called Horror Hosts and Creature Features. On the online version, they started including a segment called APOCALYPSE WOW!–that put the spotlight 1970’s-80’s science fiction films and related fan activities and subculture trends. Dixie and Lobo started to befriend post apocalypse fans and people in the costuming community. They covered the 2012 WASTELAND WEEKEND, a fully immersed 3-day MAD MAX themed event in the California Desert. Footage was broadcast on Mr. Lobo’s TV program CINEMA INSOMNIA, presented with the film CYZORK 7, for ZOM-BEE TV, and photos and info from WASTELAND were shared in another APOCALYPSE WOW! Articles.

The popularity of their “Post-Apocalypse” content spawned a separate Tumblr with fantasy post-apocalypse scenes and fashions. The tumblr needed a name. When every combination of “apocalypse” and “wow” were taken–it seemed natural to opt for a more original name. Since by that time, Mr. Lobo was looking at rebooting his NUKE NOVA property, yet again, the name seemed obvious. The NUKE NOVA tumblr was an instant success and now, at last, they’ve grown it into an official website.

There just may be hope for a future worth fighting for…