Post Apocalyptic Movies

In The Before-times before the stragglers, scavengers, and survivors, before the weird warriors and wacked-out wild-men there were prophets and magicians who had a vision of THINGS TO COME. They predicted the THE END OF THE WORLD as they knew it and THE AFTERMATH that would follow. They were the makers of the flickers and the v-v-videos. The stories they told were considered only a sub-genre of science fiction. The apocalypse they feared had not happened…yet. After World War II and the awakening of THE ATOMIC BOMB, Word War III seemed unavoidable and virtually unsurvivable. Many imagined that if man-kind did survive he would revert to primitive, barbaric, tribes. He would fight for his right to exist in a hostile the new world– built on the rust and ash of the old. Dark and Thrilling adventures shined on the screen. These fantasy stories borrowed from Cowboys and Westerns, Sword and Sandal, Medieval Knights, Horror Survival, Swashbuckling Pirates, Soldiers of Fortune, Biblical epics, and so on. Anything goes when you are building a world from scraps and pieces of what has come before. Not all post-apocalypse films are after nuclear warfare… Some times civilization falls to a pandemic, an attack from within or without, supernatural phenomenon, resource depletion, ecological collapse, or unnamed disasters. Post-apocalyptic films are set in the world after the catastrophe, sometimes soon after…but often years after. What happens to us? And what if any of the old world has survived? Many of the films we honor are not strictly Post-Apocalypse, but our elders still consider post-apocalyptic, or evoking similar themes, styles, and attitudes, found in more popular and obvious entries in the collection. We believe they belong here even though some of these honorary entries may take place on another planet, may forecast a more ordered futuristic utopia or dystopia than typical, may be a paranoid documentary, or may even be happening somewhere in contemporary "pre-apocalypse" civilization. Note, anything with goofy desert vehicles, leather-clad warriors, mutants, nuclear waste, radiation, or crazy mismatched costumes score a lot of points… We suggest you study these films with you tribe–you will discover many helpful hints.








2000 and Beyond…

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